RADR Web Service Policy

This privacy policy explains how RADR ("we") processes your personal data. Please read it carefully, as it specifies which rights you have and how you can exercise your rights.

Our web service – We operate a web service that collects data provided by users to build playlists and organize location-based data for artists preforming. We try to provide the most current and updated information to users viewing the site. Our service requires the uses of software which interfaces with DJ tools to update the information they posting to the website. We reserve the right to remove any messages, which are deemed inappropriate or commercial, messages that distract our visitors or are illegal.

How it works – When a users provides data from the application (called “RADR” in the remainder of this text), which uses our service (called "the website" in the remainder of this text), the website's server will store and organize this information – RADR may contain some information about the users identity (such as your IP address, name or nickname, e-mail address, Twitter ID, software version numbers and Geo Location data) – to our server. Users may also interact with our website as well and provide or update data which resides on the website. Our server will then store this information for analytical use at a later time. We then publish the information in real-time to the website showing the users and locations from which a performance is taking place. We also retain the data for historical logos and information for uses to browse the locations or artists, along with the ability to generate a number of statistical data models of musical tracks being played, popular locations, top artists, top musical producers and so forth. This is not an entire list of possible outcome of the data model but as features are improved and released they are covered under this policy.

What we store about you – We store all information provided to us by the website, either through the use of the application, via a mobile app or directly interaction with the website. This will include, in particular, the following personal data about you (to the extent effectively provided to us by the website or application) - your name or nickname, IP address, user ID, Twitter ID, e-mail address, URL of your website or other 3rd party services, the date and time of track and artist update, application version ids and geo-location. This is the basic information, which is stored but not an inclusive list, we may also include images or photos, referral links, MAC address, Operating system stamps, browser based information and mobile carrier information.

How long we store this data – Your data is stored in our databases for an indefinite period. We do not delete data unless requested by an individual.

How we use your personal data – We use your personal data for a variety of purposes, including providing, operating and maintain personalized connection and promotion of the user and our services, develop new products, services and features, updating and fixing issues, enable user access and use of services, communicating with your and other end-users of the product, monitoring and analyzing trends, usages and activities in connection with the services provided.

While we sometimes provide statistical information (trends, numbers, etc.) generated from our databases to third parties, please rest assured that we do not provide information that is not already made publicly available by the end user. We may also use data provided to investigate and prevent unauthorized access to our services and other illegal activities.

Note that we hate spam as much as you do – we will only use your email address to contact you in the case of important messages and updates to policy or end user agreements.

Also note that we can provide access to your personal data in case of illegal or abusive use, or in case we receive orders from a competent legal authority. Information from third party services – We may obtain information from third parties such as our partners and service providers, and combine it with other information we collect from you.

How we protect you – We are bound by the strict rules of the European data protection legislation, which prevents us from making unlawful use of your personal data. Please note that the website's operator may be bound by other rules, depending on his jurisdiction.

Your rights – You have the right to gain access to, correct and/or remove all personal data we store about you on our servers. All this is provided to you free of charge. In order to exercise your rights, please contact us.

Business Transfers – We may share or transfer your information (including your personal information) in connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of company assets, financing or acquisition of all or a portion of our business to another company. We will notify you of such a change in ownership or transfer of assets by posting a notice on our website.

Revision – From time to time, we change our products and services which may require us to update our privacy policy accordingly. Your continued use of the website using our service following the posting of any changes to this privacy policy means you accept such changes.

This policy was last updated on Oct. 15th 2015.

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